Dear CrossPointe,


This Sunday we finish our thirteen-month journey through Mark’s gospel as we look at Mark 16:9-20. As you read this passage, you’ll notice that very likely your Bible puts these verses in a bracket with a footnote saying this text is not found in the earliest manuscripts (copies) of Mark. This has caused scholars to question whether Mark wrote these verses or if the early church added them on later. Providentially, knowing we lack early textual evidence for this passage actually serves to strengthen our confidence in the reliability of the Bible and how it has been supernaturally preserved by God through the centuries.


So, our plan is to spend a little time thinking through these issues and why we can trust the Bible, and then we’ll work through some of the tricky things that are actually in the passage, like handling snakes and drinking poison! In other words, roll up your sleeves and buckle up; this Sunday is going to be interesting.


Looking forward to seeing you!


Grace and peace,