John 55–6

Dear CrossPointe,

We’re back in John’s Gospel (5:1–17) this Sunday to consider the healing of a man who’d been disabled for 38 years! The tension is mounting between Jesus and the religious authorities as he heals this man on the Sabbath. We’ll get into this tension in more depth as we progress through John, but I want us to focus on Jesus’ peculiar question to the man in verse 6: “Do you want to be healed?” What a thing to ask someone who’s suffered like this for almost four decades! What’s behind this question? What are we to learn from this? I’m looking forward to digging into these questions and this text with you on Sunday.

Being the first Sunday of June, we’ll also receive the Lord’s Supper together. Beloved, our Father gave us this meal as a way of regularly reminding us of our need for the gospel. An old historic confession of faith describes what we are doing in receiving communion as “commemorating together the dying love of Christ; preceded always by solemn self-examination.” John Calvin said one of the primary purposes of the the Lord’s Supper is so that we might “repeatedly gather strength until we shall have reached heavenly immortality.” In other words, we need this meal! We need Christ and we need one another.

One final thought—we’ve sent this out a few times recently—but here’s a wonderful exhortation to read as you prepare for communion. It was written by Thomas Cranmer, a leader of the English Reformation in the 1500s.

See you Sunday,



Getting to Know Each Other

We’re eager to return to some familiar means of getting to know each other, especially on Sunday mornings. Here are two things we’ll be doing this Sunday:

  • Name-tags for everyone! Whether you’re a member or visitor, grab one on your way through the foyer this Sunday and put your name on it. (We’ll do this every first Sunday of the month.)
  • Meet & Greet with the elders and Community Group leaders! If you’re new to CrossPointe, come join us immediately after worship in the Youth Room. We’d love to meet you! (If you’re facing the pulpit, the Youth Room is out the exit doors to the left of the sanctuary.)