Hebrews 2_17–18

Dear CrossPointe,

One of the more famous sermons in American history was preached by Jonathan Edwards and entitled “The Excellency of Christ.” In this message, he expounded on what he called the “conjunction of diverse excellencies” in the person of Christ. 

His point was that one of the great proofs of the deity of Jesus is how he is at the same time full of infinite glory and yet the lowest humility. He possesses unmatchable majesty and yet also transcendent meekness. He is the perfect combination of characteristics that seem opposite of each other. As Scripture pictures him, he is our Lion and our Lamb. 

Our text this Sunday, Hebrews 2:14–18, gives us a glimpse of this diverse glory of Christ. He is the Lion who destroys the devil and frees his people from the fear of death, and yet he is also the Lamb that suffered for us and is able to help us tenderly when we are tempted.

Hope to see you Sunday—in person or online! 

Grace and peace,