Dear CrossPointe, 
A few years ago we studied 1 Peter, but for reasons I can’t recall we chose not to study 2 Peter immediately afterward. I’m glad it fell out that way, because I believe the themes of 2 Peter will prove to be a word in season for us as a church in these days we’re experiencing.
It’s a short book, only three chapters. Interestingly, it’s one of the more neglected books in the Bible. Along with Jude, it may be the least written about (in terms of commentaries) of all the New Testament books. I’m not really sure why given that it touches on so many central aspects of doctrine.  
While in his first letter Peter was more concerned about equipping the church to endure threats from outside the church, in this second letter he is more focused on doctrinal threats within the church. He wants to ensure that his readers are rooted in the gospel and that they have great confidence in the Scriptures and the hope of Christ’s return so that they will be able to recognize false teachers in their midst. 
I’m looking forward to working through this book with you. Our text this week will be 2 Peter 1:1–2, which is a condensed description of the Christian life. As we study 2 Peter, I encourage you to read through the whole letter a few times a week. It will only take just a few minutes, and will greatly help you become more familiar with the overall message.
Let’s dig in together! See you Sunday!