211017 Sunday Text Preview

Dear CrossPointe,

I will tell you that John 7 has been a challenging chapter for me thus far in understanding the text’s point and application. On the surface, it is essentially a narrative of the mounting conflict between Jesus and the Jewish leaders. While that's very important for us to know, I've wrestled a bit to apply this chapter to our lives and context. 

With that confession out on the table (don't you feel confident now?), we'll plan to dig into John 7:14-24 this Sunday! The scene is Jesus teaching in the temple and essentially rebuking their misunderstanding of Moses' teaching. They've misapplied the point of the Law, and now they are misjudging Jesus.  

But what does this have to do with us? What can we learn from this passage? Well, my hope this Sunday is to explain and apply this to our lives. Our plan of attack will be to first look at how they misjudged Jesus and secondly consider how we misjudge Jesus. Obviously, our goal is to not do this! Let's roll up our sleeves, open our bibles, and get after it! 

I'm looking forward to seeing you Sunday! 

Grace and peace,