Thoughts on John 7:1-52.

  • (v.1-8). Jesus’ brothers were trying to persuade him to go more public with his ministry. He resisted. It then says that even his brothers did not believe in him. That’s striking. It seems like they did believe in him because they wanted him to go big time with his ministry. But, it seems that it is possible to hang around Jesus and even be involved in his program to some degree but still not be a believer. May I not be like Jesus’ brothers in these verses.
  • (v.9-13). Many misunderstand Jesus. And He is God. Why are we so shocked when we are misunderstood?
  • (v.30). They were seeking to arrest him but they could not because his time had not yet come. In other words, God is sovereign over the affairs of men. No one takes Jesus’ life from him, he lays it down on his own accord.
  • (v.37-39). What beautiful words. Lord, may I thirst for you and be satisfied in you alone. Isaiah 58:11—And the Lord will guide you continually
 and satisfy your desire in scorched places 
and make your bones strong;
 and you shall be like a watered garden, 
like a spring of water,
 whose waters do not fail.
  • (v.43). So there was division among the people because of Jesus. How true that is. Jesus is a line in the sand.