Some thoughts on John 2:1-25:

  • (v.3) Mary tells Jesus that they are out of wine. Why? It seems there was this expectation that he could do something about it? Was she wanting him to run down to the corner market and buy some more to bail out the host? Seems like there must be something more to her statement—an expectation that Jesus could change the situation.
  • (v.5) “Do whatever he tells you.” Simple but profound advice from Mary.
  • (v.11) Of all the miracles Jesus did while on earth (feeding multitudes, walking on water, bringing people back from the dead to mention a few of more high profile ones), he kicks it off with turning water to wine. What do you make of this? Something so simple. There is obviously a powerful symbol and teaching point here that Jesus is trying to make. What is it? That he makes ordinary things new? That the old wine of religion runs out but the new wine of Christ never does? Something to chew on…
  • (v.13-17) Jesus cleanses the temple with zeal. The other gospels record him doing this a second time later in his ministry. What stands out to me is how serious Jesus is about his Father’s house and worship. Contrast that with the flippant casual take-it-or-leave attitude most of our culture approaches God with.
  • (v.18-22). From the beginning Jesus is talking about the Cross. He came to die so that we might live. The cross was not a progressive evolving card that regrettably had to be played because the Trinity was out of options. Jesus is the lamb slain from the foundations of the earth. God is providentially in control of human sin, the consequences of the fall, and in his wisdom planned for redemption through Christ on the cross before redemption was even necessary. That’s sovereignty.