Below is a very encouraging note below from Carol Henschel of Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic and a great reminder to pray for this incredibly important ministry.
I am writing to say a big thank you.  Today started out wrong at my house and I arrived at Sound Choices with less than a heart to see God do much but that changed with a chance meeting in the back hall of the clinic.  A young muslin man and his girlfriend were the second clients of the day and they came hard hearted and abortion bent.  Our new client services director, Melissa Howard, was their counselor.  Her initial intake was bleak, they were not open to hearing anything regarding life, temporal or eternal.  Then, they entered the 'sanctuary' we call an ultrasound room.  Life changed for them in that room as they watched their developing 8 week old baby do sommersaults and  see a very real beating heart.
I met this young muslim man as he left the ultrasound room and stood in the back hall looking at our brochures.  I asked him if he was about to go into the ultrasound room....he said, "No, I just left."  My reply was an enthuasiastic "Isn't it amazing how God is weaving together in his mother's womb your baby, boy or girl and you get to witness this process."  His face lit and a lively conversation about Jesus and His plan ensued. 
This couple left, soft and stunned that God's love was extended to them here at Sound Choices.  They chose life for their little one and received the good news of Jesus and we will see them again in the days ahead.
I am writing to thank you, men of God in ministry for investing in the life of Sound Choices Pregnancy Clilnic.  Each of you hold a special, treasured place in my heart because you teach, preach and live truth everyday.  You may not realize how much of an impact you are making in the ministry you serve but it is big.  I am blessed to call each of you friend and co-laborer.  I love you with the love of the Lord and....thank you for your part in encouraging and supporting us.
In Jesus Love for here and forever,