Dear CrossPointe,

This Sunday we tackle a very interesting text in Mark 6:14-29. In this passage, Mark recounts for us the death of John the Baptist at the hands of Herod. It’s no coincidence that this story comes after Jesus sends his disciples out on mission. The connection is clear—faithfulness to Jesus will be opposed, and in this case, John was murdered for it.

But there’s more for us to learn from this poignant scene carried out at Herod’s birthday party. We see a perplexed Herod who is attracted to John’s message but troubled by it as well. Eventually sin blinds him, and he calls for John’s death. By contrast, in John we see an incredible picture of faithfulness to Jesus.

Take some time to read Mark 6:14-29 a few times before Sunday and pray for God to speak to us and draw unbelievers to faith in Christ!

Grace and peace,