Dear CrossPointe,

If you missed last Sunday’s message on “The Gospel & Homosexuality,” I really encourage you to download or listen to it here. The message was not just about the specific issue of homosexuality, but really touched on what the Bible says about all sin, who Jesus is and what hope the gospel holds out for sinners. Block out some time if you missed it and share it with a friend.

This week we’ll look at what Jesus has to say about the end of the age in Mark 13:1-23. Let’s be honest here—Christians can get goofy when they start talking about the end times. Although this speculation often springs from a genuine desire to understand the Bible, we can easily miss the forest for the trees. The point Jesus makes is clear—he will return (!), and we must endure to the end, living circumspect lives in light of this reality.

Do yourself a favor and read Mark 13 (the whole chapter) a few times the next two weeks. Wrestle with the text. Ask questions. Pray for God to give us wisdom. And come ready to worship our Great God and King!

Grace and peace,