(been away from computer a lot this week, so this is a few days late!)

Prayer Day 8: SOULS

Prayer focus for today on our Daniel fast prayer guide is for souls. One of the things that kills me about church culture is how much effort we seem to put into keeping people who are already Christians happy, comfortable, and appeased. I think we do a great disservice when we allow this to happen. May God give us at CrossPointe a heart for people who do not know Jesus. And not just a heart, but a passion and many practical pathways to reach them with the Gospel. Yes, it gets messy. Yes, this means more work. Yes, this means we don’t spend all our money on ourselves. Yes, it means we have to get our hands dirty. Yes, it means we don’t gear all our programming and ministries on us. Yes, it means some folks reading this need to step up and contribute more and live on mission rather than for self. Yes, it makes selfish Christians upset and sometimes they leave. But yes, it is the heart of God and the mission of the church.

Lord, give us souls. I pray that we are faithful stewards, that we engage in the mission of spreading a passion for Jesus, not just making ourselves comfortable and secure. Stretch us, break us, use us. In Jesus' name, Amen.