Hebrews Series 231015

Dear CrossPointe,


Last week Tyler preached an excellent message out of James 1. Listen here if you missed it. This Sunday, we return to Hebrews, specifically Hebrews 8:1–6. As I’ve said numerous times, the theology of this letter is rich and deep, and we are about to enter into some of the most profound chapters in all of the Bible in Hebrews 8–10. The writer is about to take us into the holy of holies as he explains how the new covenant is a better promise not only because of Jesus’ superior priesthood but because he is the superior sacrifice.


I will do my best to strike a balance between depth and clarity as we work through these chapters, but let me encourage you to do your best to prepare your hearts and minds. This is a two-way street. Don’t show up cold. Read Hebrews 8 a few times. Pray for the Word to do its work as we gather and for God to be glorified in us.


See you Sunday!