Hebrews Series 230910

Dear CrossPointe,


We’re back in Hebrews this Sunday, finishing up the last section of chapter six. Remember, the first part of the chapter was one of the famous warning passages of Hebrews. The point I made as we looked at those verses was that these warnings are intended by God to keep His elect people secure. In other words, the warnings are for Christians, a means of grace that He uses to bring about their final and full salvation. 


Our text this week then, Hebrews 6:13–20, is a pastoral encouragement on the heels of the severe warning. To encourage us, the writer draws on the example of Abraham’s patient faith in the promise of God and he concludes with a beautiful description of Jesus as our forerunner into the Holy of Holies. 


The logic of this passage is glorious and so full of gospel truth. I’m looking forward to digging into it with you!


One more thing—since we didn’t receive the Lord’s Supper last week due to the holiday weekend, we will this Sunday. May we prepare our hearts to come to the Table together. 


Grace and peace,